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To The Moon...And Back - PreviewSamantha Du Rennes
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Every night when baby Ashton went to bed he would ask “Mummy sing?” and I would sing him “Baby Mine”…

this became a bedtime tradition.


Now Ashton is 6 (and features on this album) and his baby sister Charlotte (now 3) also loves me singing to her at bedtime….. and so there was born the idea of an album  of my children’s favourite songs from the stage and screen that mummy sings for them at bedtime.

Just as my children love these songs,

I hope you and your children love them too. 


At bedtime when we say Goodnight I say “I love you”

and they both reply…”.To the Moon…. and Back”.


The Story


Stream the full album


 Featuring wonderful artists such as Richard Thomas, Lachlan Davidson, my son Ashton Fawcett and Lee Bradshaw on keys...

Produced by Lee Bradshaw, Bradshaw Music Productions

To The Moon... And Back.

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